What Does it Mean to Be You More?

What does it mean to truly be you more? With so many outside influences and distractions of day to day living, it is easy to lose sight of your values, goals, and purpose. When we are our truest selves, working towards living to our fullest potential, we become more energized, inspired, collaborative, and open to new possibilities while staying true to the internal compass that guides us. 

So how does one be themselves more?  

How to Be You More

Discovering and owning your values can serve a number of purposes; they are a powerful tool for reflection, guidance and conversation while being a catalyst for action. 

1) Awareness 

Awareness is a value that can help to define who you are, where you are currently, and where you want to go. By having a clear picture of your life, it is easier to understand and evaluate what is currently bringing joy, fulfillment, and purpose, and what is not. 

2) Acceptance 

Once you have turned a thoughtful eye to who you are, it is important to show compassion, accepting and loving yourself despite the flaws you perceive. By showing empathy and understanding that everyone is a work in progress, it becomes easier to embrace positive transformation. It is important to remember that part of being you more is accepting the more complex sides of yourself and realizing that they are one of the many pieces that make up the whole of you. 

3) Courage 

Being you more means being courageous. It takes bravery to make plans, set goals, and take consistent steps towards your vision. 

4) Joy 

Finding joy and humor can ease the stresses of everyday life. Everybody’s journey is filled with many twists, and turns and laughter can provide necessary relief and rejuvenation along your path. By choosing to find joy and inviting playfulness in your life, it is much easier to decide which steps forward will align with your values and purpose, while also bringing you the most happiness. 

5) Expression 

Finally, don’t be afraid to express yourself to the fullest, live authentically, and celebrate the person you are and are going to become everyday. Whether this be through creative expression, community, or the choices you make, being you more is all about the liberation of living and expressing the whole of you. 

Be You More Coaching 

Transformation starts by defining your Vision. Now is the time to dig deep and fully embrace your full power by being yourself more and letting go of what does not serve you.Get the support you need to uplift your gifts to the world. Move forward with greater clarity and passion for your life. The focus is on “being” more centered vs. “doing” more of the same. Create guiding themes that activate your values as you express parts of yourself that you might have neglected or forgotten.

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