Be you


Are your beliefs asleep?

Embrace your full power by being yourself more and activate your purpose by living your values. Get the support you need to uplift your gifts to the world.

It’s time to listen to your soul to grow whole.

Energize your inner voice and take purposeful action by fully accepting who you are. Liberating soul is the goal of the Return To Center Experience, an inspiring group coaching experience that transforms fear into self confidence and authentic connection. Be You More Coaching supports each individuals journey to:


Fully embrace who you are and let go of what doesn't serve you.


Move forward with greater clarity and passion for your life.


Stand for what you believe in by taking action to create an impact.

It’s a soul full group. Be seen and belong.

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Transformation starts by defining your vision as you dig deep into the Be You More ValYous over a 5 week group experience. Collaborate and connect with like-minded people with the support of a full team of inspiring coaches.

The focus is on “being” more centered vs. “doing”more of the same. Create guiding themes that activate your values as you express parts of self that may have neglected or forgotten about.

“We are more alike and connected on so many levels. It is liberating to "be you more" and it is much easier than you think.  With everything going on in the world today, it is not easy to stay centered. This is a unique opportunity to energize your vision, realize your purpose, and get the support you need to grow forward. A celebration of soul!"

-Eben Tobias Greene

Meet the Be You More Coaching Team.

Susan LePlae Miller

I help you realize your vision by recognizing and releasing the potential of your team.

Ipek Williamson

I guide you on a journey to self-discovery and unlock the secrets to a happy, healthy & purposeful life.

Eben Greene

As SOULeader, I develop programs that heal, grow and empower people.

Sam Senn
Leadership Development

I develop leaders from the inside out by building trust with purposeful action.

Joey Viola

When we shift the mindset to the present and lead with authenticity we unlock our true potential.