Our Team

Leading the Way Forward.

We are a team of like-minded “Shifters,” proven leaders with experience across a variety of disciplines, who believe in delivering breakthrough performance and achievements, creating memorable and lasting experiences, and enriching the lives of others.

Eben Greene

Vision Keeper

I provide creative leadership, nurturing positive working relationships within our team and with our clients. I ensure the delivery of exceptional work.

Peter Miller

Interactive Development

I help clients transform their interactive vision into reality.

Jessica Stehlin

Creative Direction & Strategy

I provide a blend of creative leadership, strategy, planning and tactical development, grounded by an understanding of analytics to deliver informed and effective campaigns.

Dan Walker

Brand Messaging

I help organizations connect with their audience by crafting language that reverberates on both logical and emotional levels.

Ipek Williamson

Be You More Coaching

I guide you on a journey to self-discovery and unlock the secrets to a happy, healthy & purposeful life.

David Yusem

Grow Forward Strategy

I support business leaders to accelerate purposeful growth and energize brand culture.

Susan LePlae Miller

Organizational Culture

I help you realize your vision by recognizing and releasing the potential of your team.

David Gorsuch

Growth Leadership

I prepare and guide companies for scale and accelerate their growth initiatives.

Dale Favors

Sales Leadership

I help cultivate leaders that are looking for meaningful personal and business growth.

Paul Haury

Culture Development

I help you and your teams create a culture of belonging that crushes fear & makes your aspirations happen.

Josh Dirks

SOULeader Roundtable

I bring clarity to business leaders to help them navigate any stage of growth personally and professionally.

Sienna Dawn

Brand Communications

I weave meaning into the creation of your business brand through print and digital design.

Jillian Ballas

Project Management

I support ShiftUp’s leadership in creating meaningful business growth for companies.

Joey Viola

Digital Marketing

I help client’s understand their audience, the story they are telling that audience, and help them spark meaningful growth for their business through marketing.

Julian DePuma

ShiftUp Shop / Illustration

I am a featured artist on the ShiftUp Shop and the art director for the United Creations brand. I also create outstanding 3D design and illustration solutions for our clients.

Michael David

Creative Services

I ensure the experience of your brand is authentic and creates a meaningful connection with your audience.

Marisa Rodriguez

Marketing Intelligence

I research and analyze trends in the marketplace, and transform insights into change-forward marketing and communications strategies.

Everett Lawson

Social Media Strategist

I help organizations build a social media presence that supports their overarching goals by developing organic and paid strategies focused on the customer journey.

Anna S. Choi

Leadership/Organizational Wellness

I engage and energize your team to perform, adapt, and stay resilient while your company shifts up.

Sam Senn

Leadership Development

I develop leaders from the inside out by building trust with purposeful action.

Dwayn Fricke

Search Marketing

Driven by the challenge of creating results, I implement effective and strategic SEO and SEM tactics for all clients.

Benjamin Warsinske

Brand Culture Consultant

Transforming workplace culture through purposeful play.

Andrew Sharpe

Brand Integration

I collaborate with forward-thinking organizations to build their brand from within by integrating their promise & their purpose into every consumer touchpoint and through every team member.

Michael Sharon

Video Storytelling

I create brand videos with emotional intelligence at the forefront, designed to engage and resonate with your audience on a deeper level to drive sales and cultivate long-lasting relationships.

Harper Sigafoos

Social Media / Content Creator

I create engaging content across all social media channels to elevate your brand image and develop a deeper connection with your audience.

Salá Miel

Off-Site Team Space Facilitator

I support people and teams to energize their imagination and purpose by holding their meetings and special events at our creative ShiftUp space.

Todd Olsen

Brand Positioning

I help companies unlock the power of their brand by listening to their story, understanding their customer, and distilling their unique brand promise and messaging into something meaningful and actionable.

Brian Rink

Interactive Design

I enjoy designing creative user experiences that combine color, light, and imagery to inspire and evoke fundamental human emotion.

Paul Monaghan

ShiftUp Shop

When I was first introduced to Eben's VALYOUS I was hooked! Now, I help to manage and promote the positive products we offer in the ShiftUp Shop.

Bring your best self forward.

“Be You More” is a philosophy ShiftUp embraces because we believe when you are living your values and showing up as your best self, the world will be a more energized and rewarding place to be.

What's your ValYou today?

Join the movement.

In a rapidly changing world, much of humanity has become stuck in a mindset of distrust. It's time to shift things up in order to transform how people, business and communities communicate and perform. Implement strategies to realize purposeful growth with a bold vision to:


individuals to find the courage to be themselves more


positive impact and sustainable results for organizations


diverse cultures with shared experiences and value alignment

"Let's get shift done together" card design

Accelerate growth with brand culture clarity.

Ready to ShiftUp?  You’re not alone. More and more people and companies are struggling to make meaningful changes to impact bottom-line growth, especially in today’s uncertain economy. Without clarity your brand lacks confidence, culture and leadership is disjointed, and marketing is less relevant. Your business will begin to drift off course.

We’ll help you find your way forward with breakthrough strategies that get your people and priorities working together to transform results.


ShiftUp coworkers collaborating and having fun

Let us help you put your vision, voice and values into action.

Start with a Shift Session

We grow relationships based on trust, respect, and synergy to deliver transformation. Co-create what's next with our team of:

Creative Strategists who push up, not back to ensure transformative solutions align with goals.

Effective Communicators who assume good intent, seek to understand and respond positively.

Proactive Managers who listen, then lead with clear expectations and a realistic plan/schedule.

Collaborative Partners who think win/win to find mutually beneficial opportunities that support long-term success.