Why I Built a Strategic Change Agency

Change happens, by choice or by chance.

Proactive or reactive, small tweaks or profound shifts, every business must adapt to survive and grow, especially right now.

As my Seattle-based branding and marketing agency helped all kinds of companies create and communicate change over the past 25 years, my team and I came to recognize a common theme. Whether a client came to us seeking a new brand, a new website or a new messaging strategy, it almost always meant that some internal or external shift had happened—or needed to happen.

After years of observing the impact of disengaged employees, neglected brands and leadership teams struggling to find a clear path forward, I gradually reinvented my traditional agency to focus on aligning internal cultures while crafting brand-powered marketing solutions.

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Sometimes the client was aware that they needed to confront change. Sometimes we helped them discover it together as we guided them through our process. While the creative service they were sought was usually needed, it wasn’t always the solution to the root problem.

These changes have taken all shapes and sizes: staffing agencies responding to a changing labor market; local retail institutions responding to new competitors; major reorganizations and rebrands; even conflicting visions of where a company was headed.

Today, I am excited to announce the result of this evolution. ShiftUp is a strategic change agency that helps foster purposeful business growth by defining meaningful, strategic change and helping leaders get un-stuck. We focus on helping them Innovate, Differentiate, Orchestrate and Elevate aspects of their culture, brand and leadership.
The Grow Forward Model

Here's how it works:


Our collaborative process produces a Brand Culture Compass and ChangeMap


Develop integrated growth plan or define specific projects


Delivery of Brand Culture Marketing solutions, with Implementation & support

The amount of rapid transformation we’ve seen in just the past few months is pretty astounding. Businesses are questioning the status quo out of necessity, and seeking answers that will define a new vision of success and fulfillment. Will yours be one of them? If so, ShiftUp is here to help.

Thanks for reading. Let’s get shift done together!