Time to Cut Through The Noise

Stand out from the crowd.

Have you ever been to a music festival where a few bands are playing simultaneously, and you can hear both bands’ sounds bleeding together? Now, think of how chaotic it would sound if there were 1,000,000 bands of all different styles playing at once.

Your business is one of those bands playing out to the crowd. It’s nearly impossible to have anyone hear you, let alone actually dance to what you’re playing. That is what brands are faced with in the current state of social media and the ever- evolving, never-ending, digital landscape.

The change is upon us. If there wasn’t enough noise online before COVID – now it’s a battlefield. What’s worse – you aren’t only wrestling with your competitors in the digital space – you are stacked up against funny cat videos, too. But don’t give up just yet. There is a way to connect – and don’t worry, it doesn’t involve creating a TikTok account.

It’s time to Market Smarter. I’ve been collaborating with Eben Greene at ShiftUp, a strategic change agency, to help businesses and brands cut through the noise. It all starts by identifying and locating your audience online. Then we create a quick – and I mean quick compelling story that leads that audience to engage with your brand.

Finally, we do what most don’t – we guarantee that those engagements will connect and drive bottom line growth for your business. I’ve found that many digital marketing agencies are solid on the creative, but soft on the marketing. They are fantastic storytellers who have never actually sold a product.