ShiftUp Agency Recognized as one of the Top 10 Change Management Firms by Manage HR Magazine

ShiftUp Agency recognized as one of the Top 10 Change Management Firms by Manage HR Magazine

What does it take to initiate purposeful, positive growth within your business?

Organizations grapple with this question on a daily basis. Many times growth and change are prompted by a product or service launch. Other times it’s felt when there is a disconnect between the internal company culture and how that’s expressed externally to customers.

Initiating lasting change can be difficult. But finding the right guidance and change management expertise is something most companies cannot afford to do without.

Recently recognized as one of the Top 10 Change Management firms in the country by Manage HR Magazine, ShiftUp Agency has championed a new way to help businesses realize success. By encouraging top brands to embrace a strong internal culture, they have helped clients achieve positive customer relationships and purposeful growth naturally.

ShiftUp believes that today’s business landscape demands that culture and brand be aligned, if not intertwined. According to Eben Greene, Creative Vision Keeper of ShiftUp Agency, clearly defined values and culture are the keys to driving business growth. “By bringing clarity to brand, culture and marketing, companies experience purposeful business growth. That’s because more than ever, consumers are making choices based on their values. So, as a company, you had better know what yours are and be able to act on them authentically.”

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The role of the Brand Culture Compass

ShiftUp Agency has developed a unique visual guide to help companies affect change authentically. The Brand Culture Compass homes in on key principles and statements to define who you are as a company, what you stand for and your value-add. This clarity then serves as a clear roadmap for strategic decisions on everything from branding and marketing communications to product and service development, hiring, performance assessment, and partnerships.

Find out how ShiftUp Agency can bring the Brand Culture Compass to bring purposeful growth to your business. Schedule a free ShiftUp Session today to find out how.