How to Elevate Your Mojo

With so many shifts happening in the world today, it can be overwhelming to maintain the energy you need to show up fully. It’s a common challenge we all face; finding the passion and flow to live with purpose. The chaos of everyday life can make it incredibly easy to lose sight of your personal mission, to feel burnt out, and to be confused about how to move forward. In fact, according to the American Psychological Association’s 2021 Work and Well-being Survey of “1,501 U.S. adult workers…36% reported cognitive weariness, 32% reported emotional exhaustion, and an astounding 44% reported physical fatigue—a 38% increase since 2019” (Abramson). It is unfortunately very common to feel disjointed and uninspired. Despite this, there are many ways to revitalize and rediscover your mojo. 

Know your “why”.

When feeling lost about how to move forward or lacking the energy to take those steps, it is important to circle back to the origins of why you do what you do. What was the catalyst that inspired the journey you are now on? By taking the time to look back and see through a past tense lens, this can often serve as the spark needed to bring new energy to your purpose and goals. 

Create accessible goals.

Creating goals that are achievable can be the first step to breaking free from a stagnant routine. In a study conducted by the Dominican University in California, it was found that those who wrote down their goals were 42% more likely to accomplish them and that those who shared their goals with friends and family were 70% more likely to achieve them as well (Belyh). It can be tempting to try to make big changes right away, but setting unrealistic expectations can quickly become discouraging and too challenging to continue. By creating feasible goals everyday, you can start to make the necessary steps that will lead to big transformations. 

Get rid of distractions.

Once you have rediscovered your “why” and are starting to make small changes in your daily routine, it is important to reflect on what is draining your energy. What unnecessary distractions are taking you away from your why? By honing in on the habits that aren’t serving you, replacing them with activities that energize and empower instead, you can pave the way for positive, long-lasting change. 

What daily activities help to recenter you? Try one of these tips to find focus in your daily routine: 

  • A walk in nature 
  • Journaling 
  • Reading 
  • Take up a new hobby 
  • Learn something new

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