3 Steps to Living a Life of Mastery

When I think about the word ‘mastery’, it often feels like something unattainable or elusive, just out of arm’s reach. Though as I’ve researched, reflected, and recently discussed this topic with others, I’m starting to see it in a much different light.

The ‘aha ‘moment for me came when my friend Susan reframed the definition of mastery from an end state or a defined outcome and into a state of being. That was the shift that sparked a whole new perspective for me.

The Secret to Mastery is Through Play

Think back to when you were a child. Playing felt like second nature. It was how you expressed yourself, solved problems, and explored your curiosity, wherever it might go.

As adults, it can feel hard to let yourself experience a state of play, or a natural flow state. Work, bills, day-to-day stress, and curve balls out of left field can make it feel like there just isn’t any time for play. As it becomes an afterthought, it starts to fade away into a distant memory of the past.

Here’s how I define a ‘State of Play’

You are able to clarify the complex, speak more freely from the heart, listen more intently, tap into your creativity, and collaborate with less friction.

The more you allow yourself to get into a state of play, the faster you will be able to honor your passion and master what you go after. And when you combine a state of play with solving critical problems, business or personal, you’ll find that it is like a cheat code for getting to the solutions faster, too.

When you get into this state, new possibilities open up, it becomes effortless to collaborate with others, to explore new ideas and concepts, and to think without any limits.

ShiftUp’s ValYous of Mastery

Giving your best effort to achieve something worthwhile is how your power and passion is expressed. Over time, you become secure in yourself and your abilities. Humbly, you honor your own strengths, and show respect for the strengths of others. The ValYou of balance comes naturally as you begin to focus inward, making inspired choices to master your own reality.

As you move towards this state of being, here are three ways you can begin to live a life of mastery.

Focus inward - Forget about the outside world, opinions, and critics for a bit. Let them fall away, allowing you to focus on yourself and the things that bring you joy. Those passions, skills, and experiences are opportunities that can lead you to mastery.

Honor Your Strengths - Once you have focused inward and identified the skills and passion that truly energize you, it’s time to honor those as strengths. You are an incredible creative soul with unique abilities, skills, and experiences that make the world a better place. By honoring your abilities, you begin to attract others to you like a magnet.

Make Inspired Choices From Within - As you begin to listen and trust yourself more, I encourage you to begin making choices from within. You know what’s best for you, yet it’s easier to listen to others in order to make decisions. By honoring yourself, you’ll notice a shift in how you express yourself to others and how your life will change before your very eyes.

Introduction to the Return To Center Mastery Experience:

Honor your passion and master what you go after. Join us June 25th for The Mastery Experience where you will be empowered to foster your self expression, celebrate your creative intuition, and discover the mastery within you.

The 5th in a series of 8 themed experiences, you can partake from the comfort of your own home as guest facilitator, Benjamin Warsinske guides you through an inquisitive, soul-engaging experience that will encourage you to self-reflect through play. With Benjamin, you will use the power of creativity to re-energize and support you on your journey towards self-acceptance. Get in touch with yourself on a soul level and claim access to your inner mastery. It’s time to play!

Now is the time to Return to Center.

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Meet Benjamin, a Certified LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Facilitator

He is a brand culture expert, focusing on how purposeful play contributes to effective people strategies, particularly in the areas of employee engagement, high-performance leadership, and organizational culture change.

Benjamin hosts the Bricks+Brand Network, a private online community harnessing the creativity of change makers to solve critical problems for a more supportive, joyful & inclusive future through play. He also hosts the Bricks+Brands Podcast, featuring inspirational guests sharing their experiences on creativity, leadership, innovation, and more.