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Trust Transformation

Clarify your vision, voice and values as you connect, share and grow with a select group of people who support your soul in leadership and business.

Activate your authentic power and purpose.

It’s about being well connected to yourself and the people who get it. As a Growth Leader, you understand true confidence comes from within. You also know that business as usual no longer works. So, how is your leadership elevating the purpose of your organization? Who is helping you to navigate what comes next? The Growth Leader roundtable provides a framework and active support to help you to:

ShiftUp collaborative working session in office


Know what you stand for and how you plan to live/lead with purpose


Connect with the hearts, minds and soul of people you serve


Create an action plan to complete projects and realize big goals

It’s time to find solutions to grow forward.

As a principle-centered Growth Leader you are skillful and creative in your work, faithful in your character, and dedicated in your service to lift up others.

The Growth Leader Roundtable community is a place where you can hone these skills, participate in mentor relationships, and collaborate with and be inspired by like-minded people.

As a Growth Leader you will learn how to master the three critical relationships of trust:

Self-Trust - an authentic and sustainable trust in your own decisions, actions, and abilities.

Team-Trust - a culture of shared purpose, courage, collaboration and excellence.

Community-Trust - co-creative relationships that drive loyalty and build exceptional partnerships.

Join us! Get the support you need to lead your life with passion and your business with purpose.

At the core, a Growth Leader builds trust by authentically connecting with people by directing purposeful action that unifies vision, voice and values to create a positive impact.

It’s time for leadership from the insight out.

Josh Dirks

Growth Leader Roundtable

Josh is an accomplished digital marketing pioneer and business strategist; over his career and as the CEO of Project Bionic, Josh has mentored hundreds of clients and entrepreneurs to achieve breakthrough success.

Clients value Josh’s ability to help leaders inspire authentic and enriching relationships with their team, customers, and stakeholders; to learn to listen effectively, engage constructively, and genuinely connect to create sustainable cultures of trust and a shared commitment to excellence.

Josh's primary focus is leadership from the inside out.