Brand Messaging, Naming, Taglines, Copywriting. When the verbal elements of your brand work together as a unified voice, everything gets clearer. Trusting someone to give voice to your values is a big step. We respect that. Your messaging should reflect your brand's personality, not the writer's.

Activate your authentic power and purpose.

Our job starts with listening to you and getting to know your business from the inside out to develop a distinct and compelling narrative.

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Clients presenting their Brand Culture Compass
Core Medical Imaging Brand Culture Compass example
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Know what you stand for and how you plan to live/lead with purpose.


Connect with the hearts, minds and soul of people you serve.


Create an action plan to complete projects and realize big goals.

Brand Messaging Playbook.

The Brand Messaging Playbook community is a place where you can hone these skills, participate in mentor relationships, and collaborate with and be inspired by like-minded people.

As a SouLeader you will learn how to master the three critical relationships of trust:

Self-Trust - an authentic and sustainable trust in your own decisions, actions, and abilities.

Team-Trust - a culture of shared purpose, courage, collaboration and excellence.

Community-Trust - co-creative relationships that drive loyalty and build exceptional partnerships.

Join us! Get the support you need to lead your life with passion and your business with purpose.

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At the core, a SOULeader builds trust by authentically connecting with people by directing purposeful action that unifies vision, voice and values to create a positive impact.

Dan Walker

ShiftUp Messaging

As the director of brand strategy, naming, messaging and copywriting services at ShiftUp, I enjoy helping organizations connect with their markets by crafting language that reverberates on both logical and emotional levels.

After receiving an English degree from Lehigh University in my home state of Pennsylvania, I set out to explore the country, living and working in Sequoia National Park, Kirkwood Ski Resort and Athens, Georgia before finally settling in Ballard in 2002.

Outside of work I play music in my band The Wayside and enjoy snowboarding and hanging with my wife and three sons.