What is a Change Champion - 3 Characteristics that Define This Type of Leader

What is a Change Champion? 

The words, “Change Champion” are deeply embedded in ShiftUp’s daily language, mission, and culture. But what does this frequently used term mean? A Change Champion is an individual who not only lives by their core values but is an active participant and innovative leader in the world. These change-makers strive for making a difference either through personal or organizational transformation and with a clarity of vision, they are actively working on making a positive impact. Whether they are leaders within an organization or role-models in their community, a Change Champion is anyone who is making improvements for themselves and others, who uplifts and is dedicated to being themselves more. 

How to be a Change Champion – 3 components that define this persona

Although anyone can become a Change Champion, there are three distinct characteristics that define this type of leadership:

1. Take a stand for their ValYous 

The term “values” has been popping up in articles, books, and social media a lot lately. However, all this really boils down to, is that you have guiding principles in your life. Whether your actions are guided by values such as “respect”, “trust”, or “service”, a Change Champion knows, or is the process of defining the foundation for the ethical ground they stand on. Having a clear set of defined values helps to focus intentions and take a stand for what you care most about.

2. Make a plan through creative innovation

At the very heart of who a Change Champion is, this type of person is a problem-solver. Whether there are strategic changes that need to be made within a company, an evolving market, or there is a problem in their community that needs a solution, these people are forward thinking and use creative ingenuity to make a plan for success. 

3. Creating an impact through values-driven leadership

This characteristic can easily be seen within the name, as Change Champions are people who serve a greater purpose and show this through their thoughts, their actions and their leadership; when making decisions these leaders not only focus on the “me” but take into account the “we” when making lasting impacts.  

Why is a community of Change Champions essential? 

Working and living in a silo will only get you so far. By joining a collective of like-minded thought leaders who want to expand their understanding, skill sets, and businesses, the positive shifts one can make are numerous. The Change Champion Network creates opportunities to help transcend to the next level of YOU while fostering a givers-gain mindset where a community promotes one another.

Does this sound like you or someone you know? 

ShiftUp is always looking to highlight those who are making positive shifts in their lives and community.

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