Naturally Connected

Spending time in nature can prevent burnout and stress. 

In a fast-paced world that demands constant attention, energy, and ideas, it can be easy to find ourselves running on empty - so focused on doing more that we have forgotten to press 'pause' every once in a while. Without even realizing it, many of us can suddenly feel burnt out, stressed, and uninspired. But what can we do to fix this? A reconnection with nature just might be the answer. 

Boost your energy. 

Like many people, most of my day is spent looking at a screen; there are only 1,440 minutes in a day, and a lot of those are spent in an unnatural environment. In fact, the average American spends a total of 7 hours and 4 minutes per day looking at screens.3 This much time hovering over a keyboard can be taxing physically as well as mentally. However, by disengaging from digital devices to spend time outdoors, I personally have found this to be an effective way of regulating my energy. Many studies have shown that outdoor recreation can have a profoundly positive impact on overall wellness. According to a recent survey, people who spend at least two hours a week in nature are more likely to feel positive about their health and well-being than those who spend zero time in nature.1,2 By taking time to be present in the outdoors, you can revitalize your energy and bring a fresh perspective to your homelife and workplace. 

Reduce stress

Stress is an incredibly common emotion, especially nowadays. No matter the reasons for the stressors in your life, tuning into nature can be an effective way to manage this stress. In a study conducted by PubMed, it was observed that “exposure to nature can regulate the sympathetic nervous system in as little as five minutes”.1 Whether this is a walk outside, listening to bird sounds while you work, or even having houseplants in the office, the natural world around can help you find balance and calm. 

Breakthrough Ideas

In today’s world, there is always a constant demand for new ideas and breakthrough innovations. This incessant need to have fresh ideas can take its toll. But did you know that regular exposure to nature can help improve cognitive functions such as memory, attention, and even creativity?1 When you are struggling with coming up with new ideas and are faced with a creative block, consider taking a walk to reset your mind and get a fresh perspective before trying again. 

Despite the fact that 55% people live in urban areas around the globe, there are still many ways for people to re-energize, re-center, and reconnect with nature.1 No matter where you live, you can find ways to enjoy and reap the benefits of being outdoors. Incorporating nature into your daily routine can have a long-lasting impact on your well-being. Here are some suggestions for how you include nature into your life:

  1. Outdoor Exercise: Take your workout routine outside. Practice yoga, stretching, or other exercises in your backyard, park, or any green space.
  1. Lunch Breaks Outside: Have your lunch outdoors, whether it's in a park, your backyard, or on a balcony.
  1. Nature Sounds: Listen to nature sounds (such as birds chirping, waterfalls, or rain) while working or relaxing at home.
  1. Bring Nature Indoors: Decorate your home or office with plants. Houseplants can improve air quality and bring a touch of nature inside.
  1. Weekend Nature Trips: Plan weekend activities that immerse you in nature, such as hiking, camping, or visiting botanical gardens.