Three Rules to Stay Ahead in Sales

Keeping up with the ever-changing dynamics of sales is not as easy as you think. In a world living through a pandemic, consumers are unpredictable and wary, which makes running a company and embracing an authentic brand experience a difficult task.

Keep your brand relevant to strengthen your sales and marketing efforts through good times and bad with these three rules:


Your brand is a direct reflection of your business. It’s expressed verbally, visually and emotionally in everything you do. Your reputation depends on how your customers think and feel about your brand. The more you demonstrate your true value and authentic brand character, the more you will build trust and loyalty with your customers.

When a brand is honest and easy to relate to, it’s easier to stay relevant to your customers. Don’t fall victim to the copycat mentality and do what others are doing. Just be yourself  Authenticity will always be core to successful brand-customer relationships.


Capture market share over time by caring for your customers, employees, partners and vendors now and into the future. Consistent, ongoing marketing communication keeps your brand top of mind for those who know and trust you. And, like the butterfly effect, even the smallest efforts at outreach can have significant outcomes. Nurturing existing connections and building long-term relationships ripple out to attract new customers.

Make connections. You need the roots to have the fruits.


A well scripted “pitch” with a great offer is good, but a salesperson who really listens to the customer is the more successful. If you tell a prospect too much about the many features, benefits and unique selling points, there’s really no room left to relate your product or service to their unique wants and needs.

Create space for the customer to connect to what you are selling in their own time. Try asking thought-provoking questions that educate and engage the prospect. Then truly listen. The more they talk, the more sales you’ll close.