The Reframe: Navigating Change to Grow Forward

The Reframe.

Businesses must navigate a long and winding road when it comes to the cultural shifts and economic gyrations that have occurred since 2020. In these times, it is important for leaders to learn how to reframe the problems of today into opportunities that teams can leverage tomorrow. 

Before the Reframe: The Optical Illusion of “Being Stuck” as a Business

When we are used to operating in the world a certain way, it is only natural that we approach every problem with the same tools that have always worked. You have likely heard the phrase: “If all you own is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” The reality, however, is that businesses today aren’t dealing with singular problems; they are dealing with business, technology, cultural, economic and environmental paradigm shifts that require changes in perception, values and use of best practices in order to adapt. 

Aligning messaging across internal & external stakeholders

At every turn, whether it’s hiring a new team member or evaluating a new client partnership, leaders have to ask whether the choice they are making will benefit or tax their company. They might be weighing short-term vs long-term gains, financial windfalls vs the work required to achieve them, and whether new initiatives are genuinely leading companies closer to their purpose. 

Engaging employees despite a decentralized workplace

Whether yours is a hybrid or fully remote model, few would argue that replacing the water cooler with weekly team webinars has produced dramatic upswings in worker engagement. Even brick-and-mortar businesses today are feeling the brunt of a disjointed or uninspired workplace. 

Every company needs a plan—not only for stoking team energy, but for creating a self-sustaining mechanism that propels morale and better serves the customers.

Sparking innovation in branding & marketing efforts

Messaging, branding, and sales strategies must operate in harmony to maximize efficacy, yet many find this synchronicity to be a monumental task. With the culture-scape developing quickly, companies are tasked to keep output fresh and authoritative despite the effort required.

With limited bandwidth and resources, companies need to foster a data-driven, targeted marketing strategy, as opposed to simply being the loudest (or most prolific) voice in the virtual room. There are many ways to accomplish this through digital targeting, content creation, and refined persona targeting.

All of these challenges have something in common: they’re opportunities. Taking advantage starts with a change in mindset. Then, devising a plan to break new ground will galvanize your company, your mission, your culture, and your people.

Shift Session

If there are changes emerging within your business and you need some help adapting or finding a new perspective, we offer a cost-effective and efficient way to help accelerate the transformation process. The Shift Session helps business leaders discover the opportunities that change provides and assists with finding a pathway towards growth.  

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