Stuck? Activate next level leadership.


Business owners often get to a place where they lose sight of the path ahead. Other times, for various reasons, an organizational leader can find themselves drifting off course. Whatever it might be, many of us have found ourselves in a place where we are temporarily stuck.

After talking to a wide range of business owners, it seems that almost all of them are in this spot. What the heck is going on? Change has simply accelerated way beyond what is humanly possible to keep up with. But it’s not just the hectic pace, or lack of planning, it’s the loss of purpose that’s slowing down momentum.

How do you break through this stagnancy to get unstuck? Well, it depends, as there are no quick fixes. As a leader, you simply have to find your way forward; and how you lead makes all the difference.  

Activating next level leadership is about shifting your perspective towards liberating people and yourself with a co-creative approach. The evolution begins with understanding the core principles that set people up for success with clarity of vision (goals and roles,) then, developing a supportive culture that empowers each person to express their voice and aligning value-based action with an authentic purpose. The diagram above shows leadership styles moving from top down, bottom up to “grow forward” with key books that transformed our thinking over the years.

The reality is most of us are working “closest to the dollar.” So, how do you get “shift done” to make more impact with your business in the next month? The hardest part of getting “unstuck” is knowing what to focus on first and why. Consider these 3 steps to elevate your leadership to create more impact in your organization.


Transformation starts with strategy. 

In order to put your vision into action you need to map out the path ahead. A clear picture of the future you want to create will engage your employees and customers..  

Own Your Position 

Know what your customers want, what your competitors are doing and what makes you unique.

Chart Your Course 

Build an actionable roadmap that sets out the methods, channels and timing of your marketing strategy.


Take a stand to energize communications. 

Start by listening closely to customers, competitors, your team and yourself. Tap into what authentically resonates with people to manifest trust, motivation and loyalty in your market.

Focus Your Message

Be specific; people only have so much bandwidth to dedicate to your message.

Show Your Personality

Help customers understand your brand. Choose words and images that people can feel.


Sales begin with a meaningful connection.

Whether you’re connecting face-to-face or through an interface, people ultimately buy from those they like, trust, and those who offer real value while standing by their own values.

Find Your People

Get involved through networking, community events, partnerships and personal contact.

Activate Your Leadership

Seek aligned, purpose-driven partners and customers. Make it easy to connect, buy from you and refer others.

It’s a process to get everything dialed in, believe me, it can be a long haul.  Realizing sustainable change is a commitment to transform the way you lead and making a series of shifts over time. The good news is that it can be easier than you think.

Grow Forward with a Shift Session.

The Shift Session is an efficient process that quickly helps you accelerate purposeful business growth by clarifying and activating your vision. Together, we explore and co-create a strategy that strengthens and innovates your organization, brand, culture and marketing. 

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