How to Make Strategic Change

Innovate solutions.

Making changes whether in life or business can be scary. As humans, we have a tendency to resist change at every turn, which can lead to stagnation and a regression of progress. However, change can be positive, even exciting! This can often mean growth, transformation, and a revitalization of ideas. So, how does one go about embracing and utilizing change?


Get curious and embrace the creative possibilities of innovation. What ingenious ideas can lead to sustainable solutions for your company, your clients and your team? 


What makes you and your organization stand out? What positive shifts can you make to amplify your company and brand? Find clarity in distinguishing your vision, your goals and the desired outcome. 


Implement the successful launch and management of new initiatives with clear, intentional communication with team members, partners and your community to achieve results.


Once you have a vision and strategy, energize your business and empower your team to implement new ideas and solutions.

What is a Strategic Change Agency?

ShiftUp is uniquely positioned as a strategic change agency. Helping business leaders transform vision into action, we offer services to accelerate purposeful growth, help businesses with brand differentiation, culture activation, and marketing. Through these key pillars, company culture strengthens, employees become more engaged, and the whole organization becomes more unified and able to confidently adapt to a changing market. 

We also help organizations strategically engage their people and give them a say in how the company culture is expressed both internally and externally. This manifests in branding and messaging that becomes inherent to the company culture. 

Our Story

ShiftUp was born out of the need to take a deeper, practical approach to organizational culture transformation. Founded in 1991, ShiftUp initially focused on only branding and marketing communications for organizations. Eventually, we realized that companies often struggle to transform their internal culture, which has a greater impact on their brand. We wanted to provide businesses clarity on their vision, voice, and values since any brand growth or business strategy will not be successful if the company culture doesn’t support it. 

Innovative Solutions

Currently, the world is facing a time where people are questioning the company culture of their employers, wanting to align both their professional and personal aspirations. Consequently, organizations and their HR departments are grappling with how to highlight company culture in a way that brings together both virtual and on-site teams; they are trying to figure out how to energize company culture in a way that is appealing and engaging. Many companies are simply at a loss as to how to begin the shift to incorporating culture in a thoughtful way. ShiftUp helps businesses by presenting programs that actively engage employees. When everyone has a sense of involvement, meaningful change becomes that much more powerful.

Change leadership is all about helping companies achieve clarity and consensus on how to strengthen company culture to become more responsive to changes in the business world and the marketplace. This involves a three-part culture change process. We begin with our Grow Forward Strategy to map out an organizational transformation plan. From there, we start the Full Team Ahead program which includes a belonging assessment to understand what is needed for your company culture. We find this beautifully uncovers needs and defines key strategies to motivate and connect teams, and ultimately build trust. Finally, we build a Brand Culture Compass together, which is a visual tool that defines and aligns the vision, voice, and values of organizations. The result is a re-energized culture of trust and respect that supports company-wide goals and the embodiment of the brand promise to customers.


ShiftUp leads strategic changes for organizations by helping in three ways: