Collaborating Through Shared Values - How to Get Your Team Connected

Share Values.

Building a diverse, inspiring, and energizing team is easier said than done. With so many different backgrounds, perspectives and ages, it can be difficult to find the common threads that connect us all together. However, one of the best methods for turning individuals into a cohesive team is by bringing unity through shared values. Creating a value-based culture can foster a team environment that is collaborative and united through shared visions and goals.

 “Entrepreneurs and company leaders are facing the challenge of how best to maximize their impact while working across a multigenerational and multicultural workforce.” 
~ Susan LePlae Miller

Businesses today are facing new challenges for finding unity within teams as many are now communicating online rather than tangible spaces, across many miles and nations. With “five generations actively employed” and the hybrid business model continuing to grow in popularity, finding the right tools to energize, connect, and inspire has become more imperative than ever before.1 Although working remotely can come with many benefits, sharing new ideas and collaborating with fellow teammates can be difficult to do. However, using values as a tool to counteract a team disconnect can be an amazing and effective way to re-inspire and  re-engage every member. 

Finding shared values

Values exist at the very root of a company and individual, serving as an internal compass for decision making and a mirror for reflection, making them the perfect place to start for developing an inclusive group. Creating and upholding a company culture that is centered around core values can lead to a team environment that is synergistic across time zones and generations. This can also lead to a team that is nimble and confident in their purpose. But how does a leader go about creating a space where values are discovered, discussed, and prioritized? According to Susan LePlae Miller, co-author of "Culture Impact; Strategies to Create World-changing Workplaces", the first step is to consider the following questions when determining your company’s core values: 

  1. What does success look like on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis? 
  2. What values are present in these successes? 
  3. What does failure look like, or what is an unfavorable experience?
  4. What values are missing in these unfavorable experiences? 
  5. What values are crucial and must be present? 

When reflecting upon the values that encompass everything that your company currently and aims to represent, it is important to involve key members throughout the process. In order to truly facilitate an association with the values, they must be fully embodied and put into practice. Part of fully living these values is by seeking input and being open to new voices; when “a mission, vision, and values are explained and given space for retrospection and inclusion in the process, the door opens to more”.1 These values can be truly activated and serve their purpose when all individuals identify with them and this can only occur when they are a part of the realization process. 

Whether you and your team align on values such as integrity, honesty, and creativity or some other ethos, these commonalities can help to put aside differences and focus on a shared purpose. 

Culture Impact; Strategies to Create World-changing Workplaces 

Change Champion, Susan LePLae Miller is the co-author of “Culture Impact: Strategies to Create World-Changing Workplaces”. In her chapter, “Team Impact - Bridging Culture ‘Full Team Ahead’”, Susan discusses the ways to help teams leverage their multigenerational and multicultural workforce. To read more about how to get a team aligned around a common culture of shared values, check out the book now available on Amazon. 

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