Good shift happens here.

Welcome to a place of transformation.  Be inspired, connect with your team, and make big breakthroughs in a space designed to energize your creativity and realize your goals.

Experience collaboration in a creative space that energizes your people and business.

Shift things up.

The ShiftUp Offsight Team Space is a safe and positive environment located in Fremont, one of the most unique neighborhoods in Seattle. You will be right in the heart of the creative, innovative energy. Here are some of the things you will enjoy:

  • A large open room with 2 circular tables, monitor, whiteboard, WIFI and seating options for up to 35 people
  • Kitchen facilities
  • Big rooftop deck and smaller deck with umbrellas, tables and chairs.
  • Easy access to restaurants, coffeeshops, and stores of all kinds

Productive meetings and team-building events.

Sometimes, you need to shift things up to get perspective. The Offsite Team Space is a dynamic environment that promotes creative collaboration, meaningful connective, and purposeful action.


Unite people to achieve goals and celebrate breakthroughs.


Deepen connections, grow trust and clarify vision and values.


Collaborate on special projects with your own workstations.

The capacity for function and fun.

Co-create what’s next!

How will you use the space?

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Transformation starts with vision.

The ShiftUp Offsite Team Space is where many leaders come to make purposeful changes to accelerate growth for their business or organization. In addition to the collaborative workspace, we also offer customized brand culture marketing programs to support team building and maximize the impact in completion of key business initiatives, such as:

Brand Culture Compass - a powerful, visual way to activate vision, values, mission, and purpose.

Trust Tower - a creative team-building workshop that deepens connection through self-expression.

Full Team Ahead Workshops - learn skills and use new tools to realize a healthy company culture.

Change Maps + Brand Culture Summit - get your team and goals on the same page.

SALÁ MIEL | Offsite Team Space Facilitator

If you want to go fast, then go alone. If you want to go far, then go together.                        
- African proverb

At the ShiftUp Offsite Team Space you will have a unique place to gather together. My goal is to enable you to creatively utilize our space to transform your ideas and visions into reality. The ShiftUp space is about open flow and imagination, which allows creative solutions to come to light. I believe that in the right space, you can go far.

Let’s work together, explore the possibilities, and bring your meeting or gathering to life!

Find the courage to realize your vision.

Businesses must navigate a long and winding road when it comes to the cultural shifts and economic gyrations that have occurred since 2020.

Making changes whether in life or business can be scary. So, how does one go about embracing and utilizing change?‍

Everyday leaders are asked to make decisions that can drive revenue, impact employees and influence customer loyalty.